Custom Flip-Flops

Welcome to INBOP, the home of Cariris flip-flops, since 1963 manufacturing rubber flip-flops. Besides our regular Products Line, we also specialize in Custom Flip-Flops. Free Custom Flip-Flops virtual samples are available.

We offer two services for custom flip-flops:

1. Your art/logo on strap or on back of the sole(part below the heel):
Customize-flip flop


Custom-Made- flip-flopsCustom-Made-flip flop


100 pairs at $4.82/pair for flats OR $7.40/pair for Wedge (2 1/2 inch heel style).
300 pairs at $4.65/pair for flats OR $7.20/pair for Wedge (2 1/2 inch heel style).
500 pairs up at $4.40/pair for flats OR $6.99/pair for Wedge (2 1/2 inch heel style).

Minimum order: 100 pairs.
Ship from Florida: within 30 days.
Material: Rubber.
Packaging: Each pair comes in a clear plastic bag with a twist tie closing it.
Same art for all flip-flops.
12 Flip-Flop Colors to Choose From: Brown, Bubble Gum Pink, Lime Green, Black, Orange, Off White, Red, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Gold and Silver.
Sizes to Choose From:
— Toddler´s sizes: 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10.
— Kids Sizes: 11/12, 13, 1/2.
— Adults sizes:

U.S Men U.S Women
3 4
4/5 5/6
6 7
7/8 8/9
9 10
10/11 11/12








How to place a custom flip-flops order (with logo on the straps OR on the back of the heel):

  1. Send us your art (logo) along with any info needed such as color(s) of flip-flops, placement of the art/logo so we can make virtual samples FREE of charge. Any file format is welcome, if possible in high definition.
  2. We will make virtual samples within 1-2 business days.
  3. Once you approve the virtual sample you can tell us the breakdown of sizes and colors for the bulk order.  100 pairs minimum order (mix and match different flip-flop colors & sizes any way you wish).
  4. We will send a PayPal invoice so you can pay for the order with any major credit card.
  5. Once payment is received, your order will be shipped within 30 days. You will be notified once the order is shipped.

NOTE: if you wish to have your art/logo on the straps AND on the back of the heel, there is a .40c/pair additional cost.

2. Your art on the UPPER SOLE(footbed) & strap(optional no additional cost).
                           Your choice of sole style and strap style:

Custom Made Flip-Flops                        Custom Made Flip-Flops

Click pictures to enlarge


  • $4.99/pair – with print on upper sole.
  • $3.70/pair – without print on upper sole.
  • $3.90/pair – unassembled flip-flops(strap & sole not put together) with print on upper sole.
  • $3.50/pair – unassembled flip-flops (strap & sole not put together) without print on upper sole.

Minimum order: 3,000 pairs.
Production time:  45 days.
Shipping: F.O.B from Brazil.
Material: Rubber.
Packaging: Each pair comes in a clear plastic bag with a twist tie closing it.
FREE Flip-Flop Hanger: Unbranded hanger upon request.
Flip-Flop Colors: Black, Lime green, Navy blue, Orange, Sky blue(turquoise), Red(dark red), Off White, Bubble Gum Pink, Chocolate Brown, Tapioca(ivory), Skydiver(royal blue), Kangaroo(light brown), Blush(baby pink), Pansy(purple), Regal Orchid(Lavender), Tawny Olive(Mustard Yellow), Steeple gray, Garden Green, Indian tea(teal). Need other color? Please contact us!
Art: Same art/logo for all flip-flops.
Your choice of flip-flop Color and sizes.

35/6 33/4 3 4
37/8 35/6 4 / 5 5 / 6
39/0 37/8 6 7
41/2 39/0 7 / 8 8 / 9
43/4 41/2 9 10
45/6 43/4 10 / 11 11 / 12
47/8 45/6 12 13

Interesting facts you may want to know:

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