Flip-Flop Line Straps

Flip-Flop Line Straps

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The Flip-Flop Line Straps (also know as Slim strap) has a thinner, more delicate strap adding a elegant look to your feet. It measures 7/16 inch (11 mm) wide.

Give a boost to your business by carrying the elegant Flip-Flop Line Straps. This gorgeous strap design can be assembled to a rubber sole to make a master piece flip-flop; or also carry  a Prepped Sole for Print, in case you are going to print on the upper sole.

We also carry a regular strap: Milenio strap (classic style) – 5/8 inch (15 mm).

We also carry a Strap Assembly Tool. Simply insert the tool into the sole holes and pull the strap through.

Here are some helpful Videos:

    1. Tips on how to decorate, fix, reshape flip-flops straps.
    2. What glue to use?
    3. Difference between Havaianas & Cariris Flip-Flops.

Flip-Flop Line Straps


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